Council for the Improvement of the Business Environment

In June 2020, the Council for the Improvement of the Business Environment was formed in order to implement priority and economic measures that are in the function of removing business barriers, and it has more than 40 members, representatives of the public and private sector. Four sessions were held to discuss business zones, the Decision on support for economic activities in the Capital City of Podgorica, amendments to the budget of the Capital City of Podgorica for 2020, and the third package of Government measures to support citizens and the economy to mitigate the effects of the corona virus pandemic. The IV session was held in October, when the members of the Business Council were presented with the “Senior Card” project, the results of a survey of businessmen, as well as the Decision on the fee for communal equipment. Also, the members of the Business Council had the opportunity to get acquainted with the financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurship by the Capital, as well as the report on the implementation of activities from the Spatial Planning Program for the current year. The Business Council will be an incentive for further development of the Capital and is one of many examples of successful cooperation between the Capital and the business community.