This Decision establishes a business area on the territory of the Capital City, determines the data on the location of the business area, governs the management and method of financing of infrastructure of the business area’s location, the activities that can be carried out in the business area, benefits granted to users of the business area (hereinafter referred to as: the user) and other issues relevant to the functioning of business areas.

The business area with the total area of 247.1 hectares shall be established in the area of the following cadastral plots: Podgorica 1 – DUP „Industrijska zona A“; Podgorica 2 – DUP „Industrijska zona A“; Podgorica 3 – DUP „Industrijska zona A“; Podgorica 4 – DUP „Industrijska zona A“; Podgorica 5 – DUP „Industrijska zona A“; Podgorica 6 – DUP „Industrijska zona KAP“; Podgorica 7 – DUP „Servišno skladišna sa ranžirnom stanicom“ and DUP „Servisno skladišna zona“; Podgorica 8 – DUP „Angroindustrijska zona“, Podgorica 9 – DUP „Konik-Stari aerodrom III“ and Podgorica 10 -DUP „Konik-Stari aerodrom III“.

In the business area, companies may carry out the following activities: agriculture – agro-industry (small agro-industry and trade, processing of milk and dairy products, mill and bakery industry, processing of fruits and vegetables, production of non-alcoholic beverage, production of prepared meals, production of meat and meat products), cold stores; manufacturing industry (food, textile, leather and footwear, graphic, mechanical); lumber industry; storage; information and communication; professional, scientific and technical activities; open, semi-open and closed type warehouses; processing, finishing, packing and expedition work facilities; show and selling rooms; commodity distribution centers; service activities; industry and storage reserve zone; other industry and storage; infrastructure facilities and networks; traffic areas; parking lots and garages to accommodate users’ vehicles (employees and visitors); expo center; central activities; mixed use; sports and recreation; catering content – accommodation facilities; commercial buildings, production crafts, warehouses, warehouses, commodity distribution centers, refineries, flotations, smelters, ironworks, asphalt and concrete bases, warehouses of dangerous substances and explosives, etc. .; service zones; free zones and warehouses; a shunting station with a slave station; storage and service facilities; closed warehouses; business premises in the function of customs warehouses; municipal and service facilities of public enterprises and companies; stations for supplying motor vehicles with fuel; facilities and contents of business, commercial and service activities; accommodation and health facilities, kindergartens and recreational areas for their needs.

Decree on fostering direct investments

Decree on fostering direct investments defines financial incentives for new investments in Montenegro and it aims to improve the business environment and increase the competitiveness of the state economy.

The act tends to attract new investors, increase employment, especially in the less developed areas of Montenegro, as well as balancing regional differences. Through the provision of adequate incentives will directly affect the investment decisions of potential investors who are considering to position themselves in the market of Montenegro.

Funds for encouraging investments are allocated on the basis of a public announcement and that for investment projects whose minimum investment value of 500,000 euro and to ensure open at least 20 new jobs within three years from the date of conclusion of the agreement on the use of funds. Incentives for new job is from 3000 to 10000 €. In addition, the capital investment of more than 10 million that create at least 50 new jobs, incentives may be granted up to 17% of the investment. The Decree also provides for the possibility of reimbursement of the cost of building the infrastructure necessary for the realization of the investment project.

According to Decree on fostering direct investments, foreign investor can be the beneficiary of funds if it establish a business in Montenegro.

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