What do you know about Podgorica…?

Intersection of fun and relaxation. Do the mountains and the sea – an hour’s drive, to the lake 15 minutes! Under the city’s bridges running five rivers. Who can open his eyes and looks, will find a place for themselves.
Natural or urban environment is a matter of choice. In summer you can choose before the natural environment, as it will asphalt at the highest temperature recorded by Europe to get it. There is no reason to panic. If you do not have time to go to the mountains and the sea, in one of the restaurants by the water, close to the city, forget about the tropical heat. In addition to sundries, Moraca, Zeta, Ribnica … everywhere, even on Skadar Lake, you can find a quiet beach, an intimate corner, and enjoy the richness of nature far from the city.
The city with a population of almost a third of the population of Montenegro is offering cultural and sporting events throughout the year, opening doors all over the world to participate. International festivals, competitions, stage under the open sky, festivals, football, basketball, volleyball tournaments, then outdoor facilities for all kinds of recreation, as well as local clubs that will give you guidance on how to little or no money get in shape. Visit the historic monuments and traces of ancient peoples.
The nightlife, which create numerous pubs, bars and clubs in the city, stepping cautiously – there lurk women who have the reputation to be among the most beautiful European women.

How to get there…

Podgorica is the hub of all main roads in the country. Besides the hospitality of the people,safety is something that is meant when you come to the capital of Montenegro.

Podgorica has excellent geographical location, good road and air connections. The proximity of European centers of the north and the south of Montenegro make it easily accessible. Distance from the Adriatic Sea is about 40 km of the air line and 60 km of the ground line and just 19 km far from Lake Skadar. It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Podgorica Airport, 81 km from Tivat Airport and 153 km from Cilipi in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Did you know this about Podgorica...

  • It is the capital of the youngest European country with the constructed image of quality tourist destination and an atypical major city with lots of interesting places to discover,
  • It is the place connecting the north and south, the mountains and the sea. At only an hour away from the sea and the highest mountain peaks that exceed the height of 2000 meters and at the same time a place where you can smell the freshness of the Mediterranean and mountain peaks,
  • That on its territory is archaeological sites Duklja and Medun – fragments of ancient times from the Illyrian period and the settlement of Illyrian tribes Dokleats and Labeati. 
  • That on its territory even has two national parks of the five existing in Montenegro : NP “Skadar Lake” and National Park “Prokletije”.

Skadar Lake is one of the most important tourism resources Montenegro and Podgorica. Natural jewel , the origin of several civilizations, medieval spiritual and cultural center.

 The richness of flora and fauna , the phenomenon of crypto depressions , habitat for rare and endangered species of birds, makes it unique in the region and beyond . Offers visitors many opportunities for pleasure and recreation. Hiking trails , ride or sail the boat trips, cycling, beach holidays , visits to the island’s churches and monasteries…

  • That have two attractive canyon Moraca and Cijevna.
  • That will give you the opportunity to experience an active holiday and the possibility of extreme sports ( hiking & biking, birdwatching , climbing, kayaking…).
  • Podgorica consists of several areas characteristic to its geography. In the area of ​​houses and Pipera, agricultural production and livestock dominate the growing fruit species, while mountain potato in this area excellent works. Here one can find ponds in which it is grown excellent trout.
  • That on its territory, in Cemovsko field is considered by many the most beautiful, but certainly Europe’s largest vineyard in one complex (2350 ha, 11 million grapevines), surrounded by a marvelous canyon river pipe.
  • It is a city of sport and sports legend. CITY OF CHAMPION OF EUROPE HANDBALL TEAM “BUDUCNOST”.


Visit the…
  • The clock tower and old town – the most beautiful example of architecture remaining from the Ottoman period. Height (16 m ) still dominates the area of the Old Towns. It was built in the seventeenth century Hafiz Pasha.
  • Doclea – At only 4 km from the center of the ancient decoration of Podgorica dates from the 1st century n.e.

  • Medun – The village of Medun is situated about 12 kilometers north-east from Podgorica, in the Kuci area. It is known for monumental complex that consists of the remains of the Illyrian city Meteon, St. Nikola`s Church and the birthplace of Marco Miljanov, a hero and famous writer, now a memorial museum of the city.
  • Meteon was one of the centers of the Illyrian tribes Labeati that ruled the Lake Skadar basin. There was a late fourth or early third century BC, in hard ridge that dominates the Medun field. Today, the only visible parts of the massive defensive walls built in the so-called Cyclopean technique. Remains of the town of Medun, with occasional preserved corners and walls, mostly belong to the medieval Turkish fortress.

Among the remains of the fort is the church of St. Nikola, built in the early eighteenth century, according to tradition, on the foundations of an older church.

Next to the church, there are the tombs of Marko Miljanov and his wife Stefa and below, on the saddle-shaped ridge, birthplace of Marko Miljanov Popovic, warrior, statesman and writer, one of the most important figures in the Montenegrin history of the nineteenth century.

  • Sastavci or Steps – located at the mouth of the river Ribnica in a popular gathering place for the young people.
  • Religious monuments – The temple of Christ`s Ressurection, monumental temple, the third largest Orthodox church in the world, the Church of St. George- dates from the IX- XI century ; the Osmanagic mosque – built in the late eighteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church – built in 1969.There are monastery complexes: the Dajbabe Monastery (1897), the Monastery of Celija Piperska (1637) and Monastery of Duga Moracka (1755).

  • The palace complex in Krusevac – The former Winter Palace of King Nikola I Petrovic is surrounded by a beautiful forest park and during the summer months it represents a sort of art and exhibition scene and one of the favorite places of citizens. There is also the Church of Saint Demetrius.
  • Lake Skadar – a true pearl and a unique nature reserve. The lake aquatorium is decorated with numerous islands called ” hills ” with cultural – historical buildings.
  • Glacial lakes
  • Lake Rikavac

Lake Rikavac is yet undiscovered jewel of nature. It`s beautiful, clear, glacial lake in the Kuci mountains, at 1,313 meters above sea level. It can`t be reached by car, but for hikers it¸is another magical discovery of natural harmon.

  • Lake Bukumir
Today, the glacier Lake Bukumir, in witch the peaks of Kuci mountain reflect, can be reached by car. The lake is situated at an altitude of 1, 443 m.It is not particularly large but it is deep. It is 210 m long and 130 m wide, but as much as 17 m deep.
Several marked paths from lake lead to the peaks of surrounding mountains.
  •   The Komovi
The Komovi are stretching in the south-eastern part of Montenegro, between the mountains Bjelasica and Prokletije and the rivers Lim and Tara.
Besides Durmitor and Bjelasica, the Komovi are the most impressive range in the Dinaric mountain system. Diverse and unique flora and fauna, numerous clear mountain springs and rivers, many cultural monuments, churches and monasteries, as well as the warmth of the people who live under Komovi can`t leave you indifferent. On the contrary, when you are in the realm of beech and coniferous forests while the Komovi rise above, like titan in the sea, the breath pauses “in front of the majesty of nature”.
The Komovi under his own name unites the three mountains:
–          Kom Vasojevicki 2460m
–          Kom Kucki 2487m
–          Kom Ljevorecki 2453m
The Komovi are high around 2500m and its height cannot be seen even with the latest binoculars.
  • The City Museum – Thee are archaeological, cultural, historical, ethnographic and historical collection center in it.
  • Wine cellars “Plantaze” – Visit and wine tasting in the wine cellar Šipcanik, Ćemovsko polje i Lješko polje.
The Šipčanik Wine Cellar was opened in late 2007. It is placed in the hearth of the largest vineyard in a single complex in the entire Europe, spanning across 2,310 hectares with 11 million grapevines of both local and world famous varieties. The cellar is placed at an average depth of over 30 meters.

Taste ...

 – Compound of national cuisine specific to Podgorica

Feel ...

Shopping in one of four large shopping centers :

  • Delta City
  • Mall of Montenegro
  • Bazar
  • The Capital Plaza

The nightlife, which create numerous pubs, bars and clubs in the city, stepping cautiously – there lurk women who have the reputation to be among the most beautiful European women.

Cultural events