The following benefits are determined for the business area User:

– leasing of land for up to thirty years by the manager who manages the business area, with an annual rent of 0,01 €/m²

– possibility of purchase of land by users at estimated value with the possibility of repayment in 60 monthly installments, with the prior consent of the Government of Montenegro;

– compensation in accordance with the decision governing the compensation for utility land development of construction land for users entrusted with the infrastructure equipping referred to in Article 6 of this Decision;

– exemption from payment of fees for the use of municipal roads for a period of 10 years, after which the fee is calculated pursuant to the law.

In addition to the benefits provided for in Article 15 of the Business Areas Regulation, the User shall also be entitled to other benefits in compliance with the law and special regulations governing state aid, with the cumulation of state aid obtained from all levels of government including infrastructure equipment for the same justified costs, together must not exceed the maximum allowable amount of the incentive.

In the event that the beneficiary terminates the relationship with the employee and benefits from a net increase in the number of employees of the user used as an estimated cost of earnings for two years for the newly employed person, the user is obliged to establish an employment relationship with another person within 30 days for the period of its duration and to notify the manager who manages the business area thereof.

The benefits referred to in Article 11 of this Decision shall be granted to the users and may amount to a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs of the total investment for small companies, 60% for medium-sized enterprises and 50% for large companies.

The benefits referred to in Article 11 of this Decision may be cumulated with other state aid for the same justified costs, pursuant to the law governing state aid up to the percentage prescribed in paragraph 1 of this Article.

The eligible costs referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article relate to investments in tangible assets and job creation.