Law on public-private partnership


The administration of the Capital City of Podgorica thinks progressively in terms of applying proven concepts when it comes to enforcing certain projects that cannot implement due to lack of funds or because according to competition rules the same service can be better provided in cooperation with the market. We have envisaged the public-private partnership model for numerous projects, and we are especially considering it for the construction of new public underground and above-ground garages, of course, respecting the guidelines arising from the Law on Public-Private Partnership and related bylaws. For the stated reasons, a Working Group has been formed which will exclusively deal with this topic. The preparation of a public call for the construction of underground garages is underway, which will improve, develop and advance the communal infrastructure and solve the long-standing problem of parking spaces in Podgorica in the most frequent locations. We are considering six new locations for the construction of public garages on the territory of the Capital.

Construction of the eastern stand of the stadium "Budućnost"

The Strategic Development Plan of the Capital City of Podgorica 2020-2025 envisages the construction of infrastructure for the development of culture and sports as one of the priorities, where the project of the East stand of the City Stadium “Budućnost” certainly occupies a special place. For matches held under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA, the high standards that the City Stadium facility must meet must be met. Accordingly, it is necessary to complete the construction of the East stand as soon as possible. The competition for the conceptual design of the east stand of the City Stadium in Podgorica was recently completed. The complex of the East stand covers an area of about 32,000 gross construction areas, and the estimated value of the investment is about 17 million Euros. The City Administration will form a Commission for the preparation of adequate acts as well as the parameters of the public call for the selection of a strategic partner.

Spring water bottling plant

The interest of the Capital City of Podgorica is the preservation of the natural resource of the Mareza water source, from which more than 60% of the city’s population is supplied with water. In order to valorize this resource, a spring water bottling project is planned. The basis on which the Capital City of Podgorica is interested in the realization of this project is the model of public-private partnership where the Capital Podgorica and the city company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” provide land for the construction of the factory and a concession for water use, on the other hand the investor is obliged to build the facility. Inspecting the existing documentation, the French company “Veolia” and PE “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Podgorica performed an analysis of the spring “Ljeskovac” on the river Mareza from the aspect of the possibility of bottling drinking water. Water quality, topographic and geological maps and other documentation needed to provide a more detailed basis for defining the origin of groundwater as well as flow data were analyzed.

Biogas plant

Biogas plant