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Council for the Improvement of the Business Environment

In June 2020, the Council for the Improvement of the Business Environment was formed in order to implement priority and economic measures that are in the function of removing business barriers, and it has more than 40 members, representatives of the public and private sector. Four sessions were held to discuss business zones, the Decision on support for economic activities in the Capital City of Podgorica, amendments to the budget of the Capital City of Podgorica for 2020, and the third package of Government measures to support citizens and the economy to mitigate the effects of the corona virus pandemic. The IV session was held in October, when the members of the Business Council were presented with the “Senior Card” project, the results of a survey of businessmen, as well as the Decision on the fee for communal equipment. Also, the members of the Business Council had the opportunity to get acquainted with the financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurship by the Capital, as well as the report on the implementation of activities from the Spatial Planning Program for the current year. The Business Council will be an incentive for further development of the Capital and is one of many examples of successful cooperation between the Capital and the business community.

Podgorica Investment Days

The City Manager and the International Cooperation Office, in coordination with diplomatic and consular missions in Montenegro, held five presentations of the Capital City of Podgorica Investment Potentials in cooperation with the embassies of Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, France, Italy and China. The organization of events with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Montenegro was joined by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, whose numerous representatives attended the presentation. Opportunities for investment in the fields of energy and industry, technology, tourism and catering, transport, health, real estate, sports, culture and entertainment were presented. These presentations were attended by over 200 representatives of prestigious companies.

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Birziminium Hub


A unique space in the center of Podgorica that inspires innovation and drives to creation. Birziminium HUB is a place where open events, seminars, trainings, meetings and gatherings of the business and IT community are held for networking, in order to exchange experiences and knowledge. As business growth is a prerequisite for success, support and education programs at Birziminium Hub include high-quality counseling, education and workshops available to the citizens of Podgorica.

Birziminium Hub was opened under the name Competence Center Podgorica on December 19, 2018 in cooperation with the Union of Employers of Montenegro (UPCG) as an activity of the cross-border project “competenceNET” whose UPCG is a partner in Montenegro, and is implemented within INTERREG IPA CBC Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020.

Also, an initiative was launched for the establishment of the office “Mechanism for Environmental Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe” within the Birziminium Hub. The mechanism is aimed at promoting the “17 + 1” Initiative, ie. encouraging the exchange of ideas and good practices in the field of environment.

Birziminium Hub is equipped with a digital camera, twenty desktops, five 3D printers and a smart board.


Birziminium Hub provides support to the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), through activities that include the organization of training and mentoring programs for MSMEs and unemployed young people in the field of business competencies, and the introduction of new technologies and innovative business solutions. In that way, the Hub will help strengthen entrepreneurship and small and medium business, and encourage young people to take a creative approach to the development of business ideas.


  • Strengthening entrepreneurship, small and medium business;
  • Development of business ideas;
  • Trainings and mentoring programs for MSMEs and unemployed young people;
  • Development of business competencies;
  • New technologies;
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Establishment of an info center for investors

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