Smart City or “Smart City” is a concept that offers easier management of resources in the future by using the latest technology sensors. Consequently, attracting technologies of the latest trends and human resources of all the necessary capacities for the planned ambitious growth of the Capital will be a precondition for enviable growth on the European as well as the global map.

Of the 235,000 registered vehicles in Montenegro, last year, according to UNDP, there were 126 electric vehicles, and Podgorica has recently been the first city in the region to have a taxi service with Tesla electric vehicles.

These vehicles, otherwise recognized as the cars of the future, could have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one fifth of which are produced by the transport sector.

Accordingly, the existing infrastructure is being strengthened so that all citizens of Podgorica, as well as its visitors, can use their electrically powered cars on the territory of our city.

The capital, as part of the Low Carbon Tourism Development project, has already set up one public filling station at the intersection of Njegoševa and Vučedolska ulica through the partnership of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Sustainable Development, and soon Podgorica will receive another public charger station in the garage behind restaurant Masha, as well as at the Petrol gas station in the vicinity of Krivi most.

There are a large number of e-Chargers set up by other entities, so the network of e-Charges in the capital currently has about 10 locations:

  • Hilton Podgorica Montenegro (Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog)
  • The intersection of Njegoševa and Vučedolska ulica (* public electric charger)
  • Parking Garage behind Maša (* public electric charger)
  • Petrol – Krivi most
  • Renault Alliance
  • Tesla Club Mne (Cetinjski put i Bulevar Josipa Sladea)
  • Center Ville Hotel (Cetinjski put)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UCG (testing electric charger).

A map of electric chargers at the territory of Podgorica can be viewed at the following link: