The Bureau for economic cooperation and support to the business community, in addition to consulting and logistic roles, trying to improve the business environment in the capital which would further stimulate growth in the number of entrepreneurs.
In our offices you can get:
  • Support in the design and development of business ideas,
  • Support in writing business plans,
  • Support for the creation of private companies,
  • Support in the process of licensing of relevant institutions,
  • Support in the process/write applications for the provision of financial resources for starting or developing a business with the Secretariat for development of entrepreneurship and Investment development Fund,
  • Providing information on relevant experts and institutions specialized in certain areas,
  • Support in obtaining the necessary information and relevant documents relating to the specific queries parties.
Our plan for the future is to continue to invest all our efforts to improve the business environment and current and future entrepreneurs, to be a quality connection to the city administration in order to solve all the problems that hinder their progress.


Capital city Podgorica
Njegoseva 13, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
The Bureau for economic cooperation and support to the business community
Phone: +382 20 665 055 or +382 20 665 046 (City Manager) 
Phone: +382 20 226 444