The capital Podgorica organized the Second Podgorica Investment Forum with the aim of presenting and promoting business zones, the investment environment of Podgorica, as well as opportunities to invest and attract potential domestic and foreign investments. Mayor Dr. Ivan Vuković opened the Second Podgorica Investment Forum, held on the eve of December 19, the Day of the Liberation of Podgorica.

During the panel discussion, Mayor Vuković exchanged experiences with the Mayor of Rijeka Marko Filipović and the Deputy Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow Viacheslav Manuylov on the development of the business environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

On that occasion, the Mayor of Podgorica pointed out that the previous two years were full of challenges, but that domestic and foreign investors recognized the importance of the investment project of the Capital – business zones.

“There are many socio-economic challenges that have befallen us due to the coronavirus pandemic, in particular, it was difficult to maintain economic stability, and in addition it was necessary to attract new investments. Last year, despite numerous challenges, we had a record budget of 94 million euros. With this year’s budget, which is close to the previous one, we can continue the accelerated development of Podgorica. I am proud to point out that we spent most of the money from the budget on capital investments, which is a good indicator. This year, we managed to remain attractive to investors, and we can assess the year at the end as very successful, “said Mayor Vuković, adding that investments are the only way to avoid a crisis.

Vuković said that Podgorica is recognized as an attractive destination for new investments, and that the current city administration has gained a reputation as a reliable and quality partner for cooperation.

“Through the Business Council, we have built trust, a stable business community and excellent communication with investors. There are also business zones, significant development potential of Podgorica, the possibility of new investments and attracting potential domestic and foreign investments, all in the interest of economic valorization and job creation. We are encouraged by the reaction of the market and the fact that we received 17 offers, 17 potential projects with more than 3 thousand jobs. All this shows us that Podgorica enjoys a good reputation in the eyes of investors. The data that testifies that we are recognized as a reliable partner is the decision of the European Union to support the construction of the Project for wastewater treatment and sewerage network with another 23.4 million euros, “said Vuković, adding that this is a clear indication that the city is on the right path.

The second part of the panel was marked by the discussion of the Minister of Capital Investments, Mladen Bojanić, President of the Investment and Development Fund, Irena Radović, Deputy Mayor, Časlav Vešović,  Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Pavle D. Radovanović, and President of the Foreign Investors Council, Christoph  Schön. while in the role of moderator was the director of the Investment Agency of Montenegro, Mladen Grgić.

During the discussion, they talked about the most important projects that the Capital has implemented in the previous period, the opportunities provided by the Law on Public-Private Partnership, and further infrastructural and economic development of Podgorica. Also, the panelists discussed the withdrawal of funds from the European Union and the animation of domestic and foreign investors.

This important event for Podgorica was attended by ambassadors of foreign countries to Montenegro, as well as representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps.

Mayor Vuković’s statement is available at the following link:

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