After the previous call proved very successful, when 17 offers arrived at the address of the Capital, 310 million euros of new investments were offered with the possibility of opening 2791 new jobs, the second public call for selecting business zone users and allocating plots for construction in business zones has been published.

The deadline for submitting applications is 60 days from the day of publication, and the public opening of bids under this invitation is scheduled for May 10, 2022, at 10 am, in the premises of the Capital city Podgorica, Njegoševa Street No. 20, Podgorica.

Investors have the choice of renting or purchasing locations for which there are government approvals, and the main criteria for scoring are as follows: up to 35 points – the planned number of new employees (five employees – 1 point); up to 30 points – value of investment (500,000.00 EUR – 1 point) – investments in communal infrastructure are not counted in the value of investments within this criterion; up to 10 points – deadline for realization of investment (deadline for realization of investment over five years – 5 points; deadline for realization of investment under five years – 10 points); up to 10 points – environmental protection (investment for which an environmental impact assessment is mandatory in accordance with the Decree on projects for which an environmental impact assessment is performed “Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro”, No. 20/07 and “Official Gazette of Montenegro”). No. 47/13, 53/14 and 37/18 – 5 points, investment for which an environmental impact assessment is not required – 10 points); up to 15 points – the volume of infrastructural equipment of the business zone (200,000.00 EUR – 1 point).

Along with the application for this call, the business entity encloses:

-investment project / business plan; statement on the planned / binding number of new employees, certified by a notary; proof of sources of investment financing (letter of intent of the bank or proof of deposits with the bank); draft contract on business in the business zone according to the form which is an integral part of the documentation with this invitation; proof of registration in the Central Register of Business Entities; proof that he is not in the process of bankruptcy or liquidation, except for reorganization in accordance with the law governing the bankruptcy of economic entities; proof that he has not been convicted by a final court decision of a criminal offense committed in the course of economic activity; proof that he has settled all obligations based on taxes, duties and contributions; proof that he is not in difficulty in accordance with state aid regulations (notarized statement); proof that he is not obliged to recover illegally received state aid (notarized statement); photo-documentation for the planned investment; revised conceptual design of the planned facility.

All details on applying for the public call are available at: