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The Commission for the evaluation of bids for the selection of users of business zones has made a decision on determining the ranking list according to the Public Invitation for the selection of users and the allocation of plots for the construction of facilities in business zones.

The Commission assessed that the bids submitted by Trust Construction d.o.o. and KIPS d.o.o. were formally correct and financially acceptable. Trust Construction d.o.o. offered the construction of a commercial, congress, and hotel center, as well as a center for providing health services with accompanying facilities. The value of the planned investment is 117,249,062.73 EUR with an additional 15,000,000.00 EUR for infrastructure equipment of the business zone. This offer includes 1425 new employees. Kips d.o.o. envisaged the construction of a shopping center, and the value of the investment is EUR 34,034,817.00 with the creation of 70 new jobs. Kips planned an additional EUR 4,186,100.00 for the infrastructural equipping of the business zone.

Chief Administrator Vuksan Vuksanović believes that this is an exceptional contribution to the development of the economy in Podgorica and the promotion of economic activities. It is to be expected that the realization of these investments will begin next year, which will create a significant number of jobs for our fellow citizens.

“In the previous period, the Capital city Podgorica has taken many steps related to the valorization of land owned by us, and as a result of this work we have a decision to determine the ranking list and two business entities that will implement various economic activities in Podgorica,” he said. Vuksanović added that some applications submitted to the public call were not formally correct and for that reason were not evaluated by the Commission.

Vuksanović reminded that these two offers include the construction of shopping centers, as well as the provision of commercial facilities and, most importantly, the construction of a health center, which will significantly improve the offer of health services in Podgorica.

A new public call for the selection of business zone users will be announced in the first quarter of 2022, which will create new conditions for strengthening investment activities and further economic empowerment of Podgorica.

We would like to remind you that with the realization of the entire business zone project, it is estimated that Podgorica will get over 2,500 new jobs.