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The capital Podgorica has announced a PUBLIC INVITATION for the sale of construction land by collecting bids number 01/22.

The subject of sale is the construction land available to the Capital – Podgorica, as follows:

I Urban plot number 3 in the scope of DUP “RTV – Central activities”, area of 14,430 m2,

consisting of: cadastral parcel number 1313, cadastral parcel number 1314, cadastral parcel number 1325/12, cadastral parcel number 1325/31, cadastral parcel number 1325/11, cadastral parcel number 1325/32, cadastral parcel number 1325/33, cadastral parcel number 1316/1, cadastral parcel number 1318/1, cadastral parcel number 1325/7 and cadastral parcel number 1315, registered in the real estate certificates number 177, 178, 226 and 1043 KO Podgorica I.

On the mentioned urban plot, the construction of hotel facilities is planned, floors P + 1 to P + 5.

The minimum amount of land fee is 7,301,580.00 euros (506.00 euros per 1m2).

In addition to the compensation for the land, the buyer is obliged to reimburse the Capital for the costs of excavations of the basement of the planned facility in the amount of 1,057,014.00 euros, according to the Findings of a court expert and certified appraiser Marko Radunovic, B.C.E., from 24.12.2020.

All domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities who have purchased the tender documentation have the right to participate in the public invitation.

Tender documentation for these plots can be downloaded every working day at the premises of the Property Directorate, in the period from 09.00 to 14.00.

For the purchase of tender documentation, it is necessary to pay the amount of 100.00 euros to the giro account of the Budget of the Capital city – Podgorica no. 540-2663-13 at Erste Bank.

Bids are submitted to the Property Directorate of the Capital – Podgorica, st. Jovana Tomaševića 2A, directly or by registered mail, in a sealed envelope, marked “For the collection of bids under Public Invitation No. 01/22, do not open”, concluding on February 18, 2022, until 13.00.

You can find more information at the PUBLIC INVITATION link: Public call