A press conference on the opening of bids received through the Public Call for the selection of users of business zones in Podgorica, was held today, and on that occasion once again pointed out the great importance of this project, not only for Podgorica but also Montenegro, because business zones represent great potential which the Capital City Podgorica has at its disposal, open the possibility for numerous investments, create space for the development of new business and the creation of new jobs.

It was announced at the conference that 17 investors submitted an offer, and in case all applications are realized, 2791 jobs will be created, the total value of investments is 310 million Euros, while 20 million Euros were offered for communal equipment.

Mayor Ivan Vukovic, PhD pointed out that the Capital City Podgorica has been preparing the ground for the economic valorization of that area for the past two years in order to offer various benefits to those who are able to start a new business in that place, i.e. to create conditions for opening new ones jobs.

Vukovic reminded that the corona virus pandemic has greatly slowed down economic trends, and that we must use development resources for further progress.

“A large number of people in both Podgorica and Montenegro have lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate is at a record 25%, this is a systematic response of the Capital City Podgorica to this burning problem facing a large number of our fellow citizens,” Vukovic said. Until the end of the mandate, the City administration will be dedicated to socio-economic issues.

“I am very satisfied with the response of the local and international business community to what is the condition that the Capital City Podgorica has offered to start a business in this area. If the business plans submitted in the previous period were realized, it would mean that the capital would receive new infrastructure worth several million Euros in the next five years, investments worth tens of millions of Euros would be realized and, most importantly, in that area, they would get over 2000 new jobs “, Vukovic pointed out.

The mayor thanked the team that worked hard in order to create an optimal environment that would stimulate domestic and foreign businessmen to start a new business.

Deputy Mayor Caslav Vesovic reminded that the Capital City Podgorica has paid special attention to the business community since the beginning of the city administration’s mandate, in addition to improving road, communal, sports infrastructure, richer cultural life and meaningful social services.

“The Capital City Podgorica has found an optimal legal framework that is very stimulating for business development, established a procedure and had a very good response from the representatives of the business community,” Vesovic pointed out. He reminded that at the end of 2019, a new Decision on business zones was made, half a year later at the session of the Capital Assembly, a decision was made to declare business zones, and two months later, the Business Zone Development Plan was also adopted at the Capital Assembly.

“Business zones are not an unknown concept in Europe and the developed world, but each environment, depending on its needs and affinities, dictates certain rules. We followed the best experiences, we were more creative and created a framework that we believed would be stimulating for businessmen “, Vesovic emphasized, adding that the offers, after the extension of the deadline, were opened on August 30 due to great interest. In the next period, work on the evaluation of 17 received bids according to previously established criteria. We remind you that the most important criteria are the creation of new jobs, the value of the investment and communal equipment, but also the protection of the environment.

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Presentation of Business Zones – Public Call