The Capital City Podgorica organized today the Podgorica Investment Day with the aim of presenting and promoting business zones, the investment environment of Podgorica, as well as opportunities for investment and attracting potential domestic and foreign investors.

This important event for Podgorica was attended by ambassadors of foreign countries in Montenegro, as well as representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps, while Montenegrin ambassadors abroad, Honorary Consuls of Montenegro in the world, Honorary Consuls of foreign countries in Montenegro, local investors and business representatives Communities followed this event via online platform.

On that occasion, the Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, PhD pointed out that we have been living in difficult challenging times for more than a year and expressed hope to see the light on the horizon and that now is the time to think about ways to return to the right path and intensify economic processes to make up for what we have missed over the past year and a half.

“The situation in Montenegro, as anywhere else in the world, I guess is very difficult at the moment, according to the latest data, we currently have over 55,000 unemployed, which means that the unemployment rate is almost 24 percent, which is worse than during the Great Depression in 1929. That means a huge pressure on the Capital City Podgorica, because it is the main generator of economic development of the country and about 60 percent of our GDP is generated here in the Capital City. Having that in mind, we have constantly tried to support local entrepreneurs in order to save every job, but also to create preconditions for creating new jobs, because we are aware that without new investments all our efforts will be in vain,” outlined mayor Vukovic.

“That is why we focused on this project, which we believe has the greatest development potential, not only for Podgorica but for the whole country of Montenegro.” Thanks to the manager of the Capital City Marjan Junčaj, we started working on the preparation for the establishment of business zones two years ago and gradually worked to mobilize the entire economic potential and to create the best legislative framework in consultation with people from the local community. It will enable new investors to create new jobs, which is our main priority when it comes to the realization of this project, “said the mayor of Capital City Podgorica.

Vukovic pointed out that the Capital City can proudly announce that it is one step closer to the beginning of the finalization of the implementation of this project, because the application procedure ends on July 5th this year, and expressed confidence that the economic image of Podgorica will begin to change after that.

“I take this opportunity to ask you, through our friendship, because you are not only ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps in Montenegro, you are also friends of Montenegro and the Capital City Podgorica, to encourage business communities in your countries to pay attention to this call, to prepare projects and to apply on time. I am absolutely sure that this is a great investment and development opportunity and we will do everything we need to make it easier for those who want to come to Podgorica and help Montenegro get back on track, “Vukovic said, emphasizing that this is the most important project when it is a question of economic development, not only for the Capital City but also for the state of Montenegro.

City manager Marjan Junčaj presented all the details related to the business zones in Podgorica through a detailed presentation. Juncaj reminded of the public call for the selection of users of business zones in the Capital City, which is open until July 5th this year.

“In this way, we present our business community, all relevant information and key factors and facts that are important for the Capital City, but also for business entities.

Juncaj spoke about the time frame that is an important factor for the realization of the investment, as well as the environmental impact assessment, the scope of providing communal infrastructure that is relevant in business zones. He invited everyone present to get acquainted in more detail with the content of the Public Call for the selection of users of business zones in Podgorica and presented the criteria by which business ideas are scored.

“The basic criteria I mentioned refer to renting land, and there is also an agreement with the Government of Montenegro on the possibility of purchasing the certain land. The key incentives we give are related to buying in installments and very low prices per square meter for land lease for all interested investors who may find interest to base their business on just a few miles from the city center, on the stretch between Podgorica and the airport, Juncaj emphasized.

The City manager explained that the novelty is the emphasis on the agreements that Montenegro, as a state, has signed with the international community and which make it competitive and give it a certain comparative advantage. Juncaj especially emphasized the desire for more and more investors from abroad to be acquainted with the public invitation. “We are ready to show them the zones themselves and point out the advantage of these opportunities and to draw their attention to the fact that this is a very attractive investment in the regional context,” Juncaj concluded.

The Ambassador of Italy Luka Zelioli, the Ambassador of Turkey Songul Ozan and the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Montenegro Meglena Plugchieva addressed the diplomatic corps in Montenegro, praising the organization of such an important event for Podgorica, emphasizing that relations between their countries and Montenegro are very good. They will be very happy to promote Podgorica’s investment potentials in its home countries as well.

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