Councilors in the Assembly of the Capital City – Podgorica adopted today the Decision on the establishment of business zones, which establishes a business zone, determines location data, regulates the management and financing of infrastructure equipment of the site, activities that can be performed, benefits granted to users and other issues relevant to the operation of the business zone.

“This is a historic decision for the capital. When this decision comes into force, if 10 percent of what investors are interested in at the moment for the economic valorization of the area covered by this decision is realized, we will radically change the economic picture not only of Podgorica, but of Montenegro as a whole, “said the mayor of the Capital City Podgorica Ivan Vukovic, PhD on the occasion of the adoption of the Decision.

“Thanks to the dedicated work of the entire team of people who have been working on this project since the beginning of the year, today we have the opportunity to adopt a decision that will be effective when the announced changes to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction take place in the spring session in National Assembly, ie in March, and after that we can start with the complete implementation of all planned projects. In that area, and for laymen we are talking about the move from the Old Airport to Podgorica Airport, so everything you see on the left when you go to Golubovci and the coast, we want to create the necessary preconditions for opening as many jobs as possible. further burdened by the problem of insufficient employment, especially the younger generation, and on the other hand, we want to get what is currently missing facilities when it comes to the capital – a modern logistics, expo center, modern exhibition space of larger dimensions, new retail parks, hospital which we will, I hope, build on the model of PPP, and a whole range of content that will provide an opportunity for our citizens for new employment, and significantly change the look of that part of town. That is why I really think that Wednesday is one of the most important decisions that we will adopt during the mandate of this city administration “, concluded Mayor Vukovic.

Business zones with a total area of ​​247.1 hectares are established within the following DUPs: Podgorica 1 within the scope of DUP “Industrial Zone A”; Podgorica 2 within the scope of DUP “Industrial Zone A”; Podgorica 3 within the scope of DUP “Industrial Zone A”; Podgorica 4 within the scope of DUP “Industrial Zone A”; Podgorica 5 within the scope of DUP “Industrial Zone A”; Podgorica 6 within the scope of DUP “Industrial zone of KAP”; Podgorica 7 within the scope of DUP “Service warehouse with marshalling yard” and DUP “Service warehouse zone”; Podgorica 8 within the scope of DUP “Angro-industrial zone”, Podgorica 9 within the scope of DUP “Konik-Stari aerodrom III” and Podgorica 10 within the scope of DUP “Konik-Stari aerodrom III”.

In the business zone, economic entities can perform the following activities: agriculture – agro-industry (small agribusiness and trade, processing of milk and dairy products, mill and bakery industry, fruit and vegetable processing, production of soft drinks, production of ready meals, production of meat and meat products), refrigerators; manufacturing industry (food, textile, leather and footwear industry, graphic industry, machine industry); lumber industry; storage; information and communication; professional, scientific and technical activities; open, semi-open and closed warehouses; processing, finishing, packaging and expedition work facilities; showrooms; commodity distribution centers; service activities; industry and storage reserve zone; other industry and storage; infrastructure facilities and networks; traffic areas; parking lots and garages for accommodation of user vehicles; expo center; central activities; mixed use; sports and recreation; catering content – accommodation facilities; economic facilities, production trades, warehouses, warehouses, commodity-distribution centers, refineries, flotation plants, smelters, ironworks, asphalt and concrete bases, warehouses of dangerous substances and explosives, etc .; service zones; free zones and warehouses; marshalling yard with commodity station; storage and service facilities; closed warehouses; business facilities in the function of customs warehouses; communal – service facilities of public companies and companies; refueling stations for motor vehicles; facilities and contents of business, commercial and service activities; accommodation and health facilities, kindergartens and recreational areas for their needs.

For the user of the business zone, reliefs are determined: leasing of land for up to thirty years by the business zone manager, with payment of annual rent of 0.01 € / m2, the possibility of buying land by the user at the estimated value with the prior consent of the Government of Montenegro; fee in accordance with the decision governing the fee for communal equipment of construction land for users who are entrusted with infrastructure equipment; exemption from payment of the fee for the use of municipal roads for a period of 10 years, after which the fee is calculated in accordance with the law.

In addition, the beneficiary is entitled to other benefits in accordance with the law and special regulations governing state aid, provided that the accumulation of state aid received from all levels of government, including infrastructure equipment, for the same eligible costs, together may not exceed the maximum allowable the amount of the incentive.